We are closing our charitable organisation

February 2024

We have taken a decision which has caused many of us some heartache. Due to health, location and workload pressures we will be discontinuing our quest of identifying underprivileged young Aussies and offering them life-changing opportunities through education and our engagement program. Our motto was: “WE FIND, WE FUND and WE FOSTER”. We have tried to do these things!

Your support has been invaluable as we have given life changing opportunities to no less that eleven underprivileged young Aussies in just the three years of our operation. 

However health issues, work pressures and geographical complications have changed how we can operate – or can’t!

So we are ceasing operations immediately. AND we are working with Lord’s Taverners Northern NSW (LTNNSW – a branch of Lord’s Taverners Australia, which I established here in 2009 and chaired until 2019) to maintain all of our continuing scholarships and we will transfer our remaining funds to them.

There are several consequences for you, our supporters:

  1. to those of you who have become regular donors, we thank you but now ask you to cease future payments. Our bank account will remain operational for a while, so no panic if payments are already processed. Also, please be assured that the work with underprivileged young Aussies done by Gilchrist Foundation will be continued most effectively with LTNNSW!
  2. If any of you wish to continue with the work which you have already been supporting, please email me (stan@gilchrist.foundation) and I will provide you with appropriate bank details.

As said above, thank you for your support, advice and encouragement and thank you on behalf of those eleven fortunate young Aussies who have benefited from your support.

Stan Gilchrist (Executive Director)