The Gilchrist Foundation community

The Gilchrist Foundation community includes all of the following stakeholders:

  • the Directors, Management Committee members, and Patrons – in other words, “our team”,
  • the Donors and Corporate Partners – in other words, “our benefactors”,
  • the tertiary personnel (university administrators, lecturers, TAFE administrators, lecturers) – in other words, “our suppliers”,
  • the students – in other words, “our beneficiaries”, and
  • the communities from which our students originate – in other words, “our home bases”.

It is the commitment to bring all stakeholders into an “Engagement” structure to ensure that the students, “our beneficiaries”, have the best possible chances of being successful both before, during and after the time when they hold Gilchrist Foundation scholarships.

Click Here to check out our Engagement policy. And HERE is how we do it all!