Gilchrist Foundation Cricket Committee

A Gilchrist Foundation Cricket Committee has been appointed. The Committee will consist of at least three members of Gilchrist Foundation and its responsibilities are to:

  1. Prepare National promotion campaign and conduct advertising process to encourage applications
  2. Contact relevant cricket bodies encouraging applications
  3. Co-ordinate selection process
  4. Arrange Final Selection Committee meeting, and co-ordinate selection of Players.
  5. Notify, prepare, place and supervise Players.
  6. Interview and prepare Players and other relevant persons (parents etc.)
  7. Prepare appropriate briefing notes for Players to be used as a guide for interviews with media and other bodies
  8. Co-ordinate placement
    1. Travel documents (passport, visa etc.)
    2. Health requirements
      1. Health checks
      2. Inoculations etc.
  9. Make all travel arrangements. Economy Class Return Airfare will be negotiated.
  10. Make arrangements for arrival and accommodation in the overseas country
  11. Liaise with Hosting Cricket Club’s Liaison Officer
  12. Receive and respond to reports from Players.
  13. Design and forward Report Forms (to be completed by Players and Hosting Cricket Club
  14. Receive and summarise reports as received
  15. Solve any emerging problems
  16. Implement necessary disciplinary procedures, following these steps:
    1. Step 1: Hosting Cricket Club Liaison Officer to attempt to apply necessary disciplinary measures;
    2. Step. 2: Hosting Cricket Club Liaison Officer and Gilchrist Foundation Cricket Committee Placements Coordinator together to apply any further disciplinary action necessary.
  17. Provide regular reports to the Hosting Cricket Club.